Olive Oil: 4 things to keep in mind when you buy it
Olive Oil: 4 things to keep in mind when you buy it

In today's world it is increasingly difficult to make a choice: on one hand the product offer is immense, on the other we do not have the necessary information to extricate ourselves in this forest of products and shelves. In fact, even when you are grappling with the choice of oil to buy for your family, we automatically start asking questions like << will be healthy? >>, << but is it really biological? >>, << how it goes used? >> .. the list could go on forever.

So, today, I would like to put at your disposal my experience in this field to help you become conscious olive oil consumers. For this reason, I have identified the 4 things to keep in mind that in my opinion, more than any other, can facilitate your choice and consumption:

1) Attention to the "label":

You probably already noticed that little green stamp with a leaf made from white stars. Indeed, it was created specifically to be the official EU logo for organic products. For this reason, it is a fundamental symbol that quickly confirms that that particular product (in our case the oil) is produced and certified in an organic farming regime.


2) Use it as a raw dressing:

It is often used to see oil as something to be used for a specific preparation, such as frying or sauce. However, the best way to preserve all its nutritional characteristics is to use it as a raw dressing.

In fact, Apulian olive oil, like that obtained from the Coratina cultivar (with a strong and pungent flavor), is particularly suitable for seasoning and adding flavor to dishes such as salads, legumes and second courses, both meat and fish.

3) Attention to provenance:

Perhaps, the most important thing when choosing oil is to take a look at the provenance of the olives. In fact, it often happens to run into "low cost" olive oils that, despite being very well presented, hide a bitter surprise: they are often obtained by processing olives not grown in Italy.

The first impression you might have from this revelation, while examining a label, might for many of you not be so catastrophic. However, as good Italians we know well that when something is grown, harvested and transformed in our country this all-Italian supply chain that travels through the products is often the best guarantee to find yourself in front of a quality oil that you might have.

4) Identify your reference manufacturer:

Oil is a serious matter, woe to think it's a simple seasoning. In fact, if you think about it, this sparkling derivative of the olives accompanies most of our meals, not to mention almost all (even there are always more delicious recipes of desserts prepared with olive oil).

For this reason, it is important for our health and that of our loved ones to pay attention to the choice of this delicious food, even trusting producers who put their faces and who every day are intent on maintaining the highest quality of their product. Like us, Lama San Giorgio.