Things to see in Puglia
Things to see in Puglia

Puglia is probably the Italian region that most of all is experiencing an important growth from the tourist point of view, as evidenced by this important New York Times article: enchanting ancient villages, the Caribbean sea, tasty and healthy food are some of the aspects that they are ensuring this success in recent years.
Below you will find some particular things to see in Puglia, not always well publicized in the large tourist information channels:

Rutigliano like many villages in the south-east of Bari, allows visitors an interesting journey to discover beautiful landscapes and cultural sites:
- the rich Bigetti, a city known for the vases of its necropolis whose tomb finds can be dated between the end of the seventh and fourth centuries. B.C.;
- the 34-meter high Byzantine-Norman tower with a quadrangular base of 8.3 X 8.3 meters;
- the ancient village in which to admire the medieval alleys with the typical whitewashed houses whose layers of rubble give an idea of ​​the age of such houses, as well as the stately palaces: Antonelli, De Franceschis, Pappalepore, dei Diamanti, all dating from 1600 and 1800.
The skill of the artisans and the excellent quality of the clay still give life to the "figuli", a precious terracotta pottery that enhances the taste of food, giving it an ancient flavor.
The visitor can only be enchanted by the rugged and sweet beauty of the territory: soft hills, sunny and stony landscapes that are lost towards the horizon, down towards the sea.
In the surroundings a crystal clear sea, where sandy coasts alternate with breathtaking cliffs.
Castles and Norman towers, medieval mysteries and timeless atmospheres, marvelous basilicas, rural churches, trace a tourist itinerary suitable for the visitor.

A place almost inaccessible for many years, today rides the wave of the limelight thanks to the redevelopment that took place in the last 20 years and in particular in the last few days.
In the old city you will find splendid medieval views and ancient churches, such as the Basilica of St. Nicholas, destination of pilgrimages from all over the world and you can stop and admire the ladies of the place while preparing the orecchiette by hand, as it once was.
At the gates of the old city, however, you can stroll in the elegant streets of Murattiano and stop to admire an exhibition at the Teatro Margherita, which has recently reopened after over 38 years of closure, or spend an evening at the famous Teatro Petruzzelli to relax with a show theatrical.
Without a doubt the city of Bari is worth a visit and to be included in your list of things to see in Puglia.

The land of the Gravine
Not everyone knows that in Puglia there is the second deepest canyon in Europe. I refer to the Gravina (Canyon) of Laterza. In this magnificent and uncontaminated place it is possible to take a long but simple walk (about 10 km round-trip) and admire the landscape, the flora and the local fauna.
At the beginning of the path there is also a small area equipped with tables to enjoy a lunch in the open air.
Also worth a visit is the city of Gravina with its "Gravina" and the ancient bridge, where you can admire ancient rock churches built in the rock.